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Protein shakes side effects part 2

Protein shakes may cause gallstones.

Excessive consumption of protein shakes will result in less calcium in the bones, as mentioned above. It also caused the precipitation of calcium in various tissues as well. This usually occurs at the kidney, Due to the diuretic. It can cause kidney stones.

Protein shakes can cause the kidneys work hard.

Protein foods often contain high amounts of sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus. Sulfur, phosphorus is converted into acid. These two acids have to go through PH-balance process and the body is excreted in the urine through the kidneys. The Nitrogen is converted into uric acid. Which, it is excreted via the urine from the kidneys and the skin through sweat. When we eat high amounts of this protein, it means that these substances increase. It makes the kidneys work harder to get rid of these acids from the body.

Protein shakes can cause dehydration.

You may excrete more urine, when the consumption of large amounts of protein shakes. Because of the need to excrete high amounts of acid, Acids these converted to sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus, which is found in protein foods.

In addition to allowing the kidneys work hard. It also causes dehydration due to increased urination. It is a condition in which the body loses more water than your body can get. If you are dehydrated and do not receive adequate compensation in a timely manner, may cause adverse consequences.

Protein shakes can cause allergic reactions.

Lactose Intolerance is the body cannot produce the enzyme lactate which can be used to digest the sugar lactose. The sugar lactose is the sugar in cow's milk and protein shakes are lactose as well. Lactose intolerance is not is allergic reaction.

If a symptom of lactose intolerance of it violently, it can cause diarrhea. This symptom may be a negative effect on health because it will not benefit from the this supplement. It is also the loss of nutrients and water.

Or if it causes colic and gas, will cause a nuisance but without losing any of the nutrients. The body can absorb proteins, vitamins and minerals, from the protein. Those who are lactose intolerance or milk allergies should avoid the consumption of it.

Above all, this is a side effect of dietary protein shakes excessive. It might be both serious and not serious. But what you should do, and it's very important is that you should learn about the consumption of the supplement, both good and bad. Explore on your own how you use this supplement for nothing and you appropriate to consume it or not. You can also seek advice from a nutritionist or doctor. They will give you a better answer for you.

Protein shakes side effects

Protein is an essential nutrient for the body. It is necessary to build muscle and muscle growth, including repair tissue in the body. Protein shakes are widely known for bodybuilders and those who want to lose weight. It's a very good protein supplement.

Protein shakes for women part 2

The main reason most women choose to use the protein shakes because it contributes to lose weight as well. Loss weight is mainly used to reduce the sugar, flour and fat in the diet, combined with exercise to burn calories in the body. Women will need to avoid or be careful about eating foods such as snacks, candy, ice cream, chocolate and fast food, etc. It avoids foods that provide energy, which is measured in calories.

Protein shakes for women

Protein shakes are nutrients high protein, and it is a protein derived from animals. It has an amino acid essential to the body in its entirety. Not only men who will benefit from protein shakes, but It is useful to women as well. Women may think that protein shakes are not useful for you, but it has great features for you, as you unexpected. Whether it is weight loss, gain weight, repair muscle damage from exercise, and more.

Protein shakes for the kids and the height of the child

         Protein is essential for building cartilage of the body. Cartilage is affecting to height of human very much. And most importantly, a protein that helps in height must be a source of animal protein only. That is because it is essential amino acids and is an important ingredient in the process of generating cartilage. If cartilage has longer, it will result in an increase in our height.

Before or after that you should take protein shakes?

          Some people exercise to stay healthy, But some people to exercise and build muscle. Sometimes, exercise can cause muscle injuries which may result from over training. Of course, protein is essential for them and it would be sufficient. There are plenty of foods rich in protein such as soy, cereals and etc in the supermarket, if you need it. But to get the Proteins from them, it can be difficult because limited time, convenience and other restrictions.

Protein shakes for weight loss

          Some people think that losing weight is difficult. It's not always true. Eating can weight loss, if you eat properly and in accordance with the principles. One of them is to drink a protein shakes. This will surprise you, if you know ability of it to weight loss.